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We have been prospecting enthusiasts for over 30 years and we have been in the metal detector/gold prospecting business for almost 20 years.  We know it takes the right equipment to get the job done and we pride ourselves in carrying only the top detectors from the top brands.  To put it simply, we love what we do and we know that once you get into prospecting you will absolutely love the thrill of the hunt!

Star Outdoors is the only certified Minelab dealer in the 4 Corners, Albuquerque, and surrounding areas.  We offer free detector training with each Minelab purchase. Please call us for any questions you may have!


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We offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

Free Metal Detector Training

We offer free metal detector training with every purchase of our Minelab detectors.

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We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service.